SSP 30 : testimonials  
grade 6. 2012.
My school is very clever, because we can do more things than other schools. In our school we canít use violence against each other and use dirty words. In our school there are hard rules and we canít break them, because when someone did breaks rules, there will be punishment.†Students sometimes break the rules.†Teachers like when we learn. I think everybody likes†technology†lessons and PE. The tests are very often closed, when you can chose a, b and c. †We have gym and lab. In our school there are some events, like winter-show when every class did drama show, or sport-day where are many playgrounds and we enjoy it. In May or June every class has a short trip, we spend with our class from 2 to 5 days in the country side, in the forest. Food in our school is not tasty, we do not have our own kitchen, we have catering.  
†††††††††††††† Bartek
  My school located on 11 Astronautůw St. In my school I must respect teachers, I must do homework, read all the books and I canít be late. Teachers and students are very nice and funny. Lessons are some like in another school, but sometimes very hard. During the breaks we go outside or we talk. In my school there are a lot of events for example: Winter Show, Sports day and school picnic. My school is not big. Food sometimes is very good, but sometimes very bad. In May every year we go on a trip for a five days. Sometimes we go for one day trips for example to museum.
My school is cool . We canít play football in a class. Teachers are nice but some of the students break the rules. Most of the lessons are boring. Some of tests are difficult . At breaks we can eat our lunch.
We have so many clubs like math club, drama clubÖ I like events.
We have to prepare a show and then show it. The space : our school is small but if we have a lab we can say: our school is big enough. OhÖ I donít like food in our school because is from the catering so itís not good. I like trips because we donít have to sit in a class and listen to the teacher. I like our school and I donít want to change my mind.
  My school is cool, but we have rules. Like we canít fight, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, use vulgar words or bring dangerous things ... The teachers are nice, but they give a lot of homework. Students sometimes are funny and nice but sometimes are annoying. The lessons are cool but sometimes boring because me must learn a lot. The tests and exams are sometimes very hard and sometimes easy. The breaks are cool and we have a good time. Clubs are good but sometimes hard. The events are fantastic and funny. The space are very small but cosy. Food is different. Sometimes are bad and sometimes delicious. Trips was very cool and funny i like trips and i like this school.
In my school there are a lot of rules. Some rules are interesting and necessary, but other rules are not cool. Teachers are very funny, but when they get upset, they are terrible. Some lessons are sometimes boring for students. The most interesting lessons that I like most are Maths, English, PE and IT. Some tests are not easy, but some are not so hard... The hardest are biology tests. Some breaks are short, but some are long. The longest break in my school is 30 min and most of us eat lunch during the break. Food served in the kitchen is sometimes good, and sometimes not tasty. A school year has many breaks, there are winter holidays in January. The school ends on the 28th June. Start of school in this year was on the 5th of September. I highly recommend this school.
My school is very good, we havenít got many rules. We mustnít: eat during lesson, play football in the classÖ Our teachers and students are funny. I like them. Sometimes lessons are interesting, such as: Math, Polish, Art or English and sometimes boring, such as: History, Science or Spanish. We have many tests and exams, I donít like it, but it is useful. We have eight breaks, three breaks are long Ė 30, 20 and 15 minutes. We have many clubs, for example: karate, math club, art clubÖ Once a year we have Winter Show and Sport Day. In the Winter Show we perform on stage and in the Sport Day we play sports. In school we have a very small gym and not a big lab. In school we have very not very good food, but I eat it every day. We have 4-6 trips in a year, one big and 3-5 small trips. I like this school ! <3
  My school is normal. The teachers are ok (and sometimes funny), but the best is my (and my class) tutor. He is a teacher of P.E. and he likes to laugh, so everybody likes him. Lessons in my school are good (sometimes boring), but I think, that the best is: biology, P.E and chemistry. I like them because:
in biology I have zoology and taking notes about animals;
in P.E. I am not sitting and writing all the time, but I am doing some training;
in chemistry I am making interesting experiments.
But after 45 minutes of lesson everyone has a break. When my classroom was on the ground floor, in the first seconds of break there was very noisy, because of kids running out of their classes. But now, I donít hear this that much, because I have my classroom on the first floor. I like my school very much like all other students. We all learn a lot and we have a good time here. I think, that this is one of the best primary schools in my country.
My school is very cool.
In our school we donít have such strict rules as in public schools.
We have good and nice teachers and students are mostly fine.
We have interesting lessons and I like most of them. The lessons start usually at 8:30 and finish after 14.
Our tests and exams are important and I think that most of them are not so difficult.
The breaks are from 5 to 30 minutes long and when itís sunny we go outside and play football or many other exercises .
I attend math and art club and they are very interesting.
We have some events during the school year .For example during the Sports day we played basketball, football, volleyball and did other exercises and we didnít have lessons .
I think that we should have bigger gym hall.
The food in our school is not as good as in the best restaurants in Warsaw but itís good enough to eat.
Each year our teachers organize special trips to various places . I like it very much because we have lots of fun.
During trips we travel a lot , sing songs and do sports.
In my school I have a good time.
  My school is cool. This is SSP 30 on Astronaut 11 street. We have the rule from November to March we must change BOOT when coming inside. We have good teachers, but teachers are not all the same. The teachers have his am character. They are good. The students are good to other students. The lessons are good. In lessons we learn and sometimes its funny. The tests are not hard and not too easy. Student must do tests. We have 3 lunch breaks: 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes. We have drama club, graphic club and sewing club. We have Winter Show in December and Sport day in June. We have a lab in basement, computer room on the first floor and gym on the ground floor. It fourth class the food is better than earlier. Once every half a year we go to the cinema. And we have some other trips. I LIKE my school.
My school is very cool. The rules are not very hard. We donít have uniforms. We go to school in clothes what we want. Teachers are very friendly and they try to help us to learn. All lessons are very interesting. We have many exams but not all are difficult. I like 30 minutes breaks it's long and we can rest. I like the graphics club. I like Winter Show it's very funny. It's begins in winter. In this school it's very good. Trips are very fun. Trips are very interesting play at.  
  My school is nice. We have some rules. We can't play football in the classes, we can't talk when we have lesson. We have a school shop. We can buy there ford, water or toast. Classrooms in our school have white, light yellow walls, blue or green desks and a black board. We have a small gym. In gym there are two basketball baskets, ladders and two benches. We have a sports field outdoor. We have some special events for example Winter Show. At Winter Show each class has to present a play in English. We have also Sports Day (the name says is what it is about). We have two long breaks and some short ones. In summer when we hale a break we can go out and play football. Test and exams are different. Some are difficult others easy and short. Most of them are long and written. In our school lessons are friendly but we learn a lot. In our school we have a special bell because it isn't a ring but a melody. In school there are probably 160 students and 20 teachers. Teachers are friendly to students but they are demanding. Finally, I like my school and I have a good time there.